NC Fundraiser Irish Guide Dogs - Sunday 16th December

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NC Fundraiser Irish Guide Dogs - Sunday 16th December

Dear NC Members,

We will be hosting a fundraiser row for the Irish Guide Dogs from Blackrock Pier on Sunday December 16th. We are planning to bring the náomhogs to the Sunday Market and give a currach experience to the revelers in exchange for a donation. The Irish Guide Dogs will be on hand and the organisers of the market are on boards as well.  

Our plan is to muster at 9:30 and bring the boats by water to Blackrock Harbour. We will kick off there from 10:30 and operate a rota of spins until 15:00. We will need a minimum of 6 rowers from 9:30 to launch and go, as well as two shore coordinators throughout the day.
Individuals and crews are more than welcome to join in at any stage and arrive by currach or land and depart as suits.

If you are available for an hour or two please reply and let us know when suits you.

Best wishes,

Paul G